Scaling Excellence

We continue our podcast series with Tamara Schenk, an international sales enablement leader based in Germany. Joined by Craig Nelson, Tamara discusses how to scale excellence through amazing customer experiences at organizations of all sizes.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Aligning the organization’s strategy with not just sales but the entire customer journey
  • Expanding the enablement vision beyond any one department to break down silos
  • Creating a buyer/seller journey map
  • The importance of people and culture to the overall customer experience

Tamara Schenk has spent more than 25 years working at organizations working in sales and consulting with a particular focus on sales enablement leadership, analysis, and strategic advisory. She is currently a managing partner at Bartlett Schenk & Company, where she helps businesses establish sales enablement best practices. She is also a strategic advisor to Showpad, a training and coaching platform powered by AI. She has spent many years as a popular sales enablement evangelist and public speaker for events worldwide.