We're joined by Maury Rogow, a Hollywood producer turned marketing guru, to discuss how he uses video to tell compelling stories for businesses. In this wide-ranging discussion, we discuss Maury's central rules for storytelling and how sales teams can use narrative to boost results. We'll also discuss how to increase return business and the network effect through engaging, story-based marketing.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What types of videos can help companies grow
  • How to make “videos that do the selling for you”
  • Importance of understanding the customer journey to create compelling videos
  • Telling stories that connect with customers

Maury Rogow is the founder and CEO of Rip Media Group, a commercial video production firm that has created content for brands including Cisco, Amgen, Comcast, Ben and Jerry's, and Harvard. Maury is also an experienced Hollywood producer and member of the Producers Guild of America. Over the course of his career, he has created more than 300 commercials and marketing and sales videos, as well as producing 3 feature films.