Emotionally and Digitally Connect to Those You Serve

On this podcast with Jeannie Walters, we discuss:

  • CX Definition: truly understand what is happening throughout the customer’s journey
  • Enlighten leaders view CX as a way to do business, develop a strategy not a set of tactics like doing a journey map
  • Understand all interactions that leave impressions
  • What are interactions: every conversation, every time you connect, company website, mobile app, etc.
  • Does experience meet the expectations coming into the interactions with a brand
  • Treat CX as a mindset and discipline of doing business
  • Meaningful mindful moments, don’t tack on CX
  • Plan for customer issues that may arise
  • Bridge the transition from sales to services, address handoff in structured way
  • Emotion drives decisions, need a great experience throughout to advance
  • Don’t design for digital and non-digital customers differently, treat the same
  • Younger buyers view digital as personal and part of life
  • Need to address experience of staff that connect with customers
  • Important to tell vendors “In the moment” how experience is going
  • Don’t wait for after the buy to perform a survey, engage early