Sales Enablement: You’ve Come a Long Way Baby! – with Craig Nelson

Having problems articulating what sales enablement can do for your organization or how it complements other initiatives such as CRM? Create a visual blueprint of your organizations selling system (aka “selling machine”) to enable your company to replicate success, reduce wasted effort and focus on what matters to sales and your buyers.

Sales Enablement has quite a history. And what better person to interview on this topic than Craig Nelson. Currently, Craig is the VP of Global Training and Enablement for SAP, but his roots in Sales Enablement go way back. First as a practitioner for NetIQ, LBMS and 3M, and then as co-founder and leader for one of the first Sales Enablement platform companies iCentera (which was acquired by Callidus Cloud and then SAP). We met Craig over a decade ago, when he co-founded led one of the first Sales Enablement companies, iCentera. He successfully sold this company to CallidusCloud, which was then acquired by SAP a few years ago. In this interview we discuss the roots of sales enablement, and the lessons learned from the early days that can guide us into the future. Craig outlines six key Sales Enablement use cases that SAP CX is focusing on in 2020, which can serve as a great guide for your own improvement efforts.


Craig Nelson
Good Selling